Michael Jackson’s intimate photo from 30 years ago, Madonna is hot again

Once closer than love, the expensive duo Michael Jackson and Madonna have been at odds with each other forever and have become a topic of public discussion until today.

Recently, a series of couple photos on the 1991 Oscar red carpet of ” Queen and King of Pop ” Madonna and Michael Jackson were suddenly re-posted by a series of entertainment information groups.

Michael Jackson and Madonna

Michael Jackson and Madonna “dated” on the 1991 Oscars red carpetMichael Jackson and Madonna are two pop legends in the world music industry for many years. They work together in the same management company Freddy Demann and of course have many music products together. Being close at work, ” Queen and King of Pop ” soon developed a relationship and they did not hesitate to show that closeness to the public every time they appeared together.

In many interviews or TV shows, both of them had the best words to say about each other. The pop queen has used countless “kind” words to talk about the talent and personality of the singer Heal the world. She even affirmed that she had developed a special, unnameable feeling for Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson and Madonna are called by the American entertainment industry

Michael Jackson and Madonna are called the “dream couple” by the American entertainment industry that everyone admires

Perhaps because they were so close, they both understood the other person to the core, so in a moment of excitement, the ” pop queen ” accidentally said something when sharing thoughts that interfered too deeply with her own decisions. Michael Jackson’s private.

Even though he never expressed any objection, it seemed like there was an invisible wall from Michael Jackson, separating the two from getting closer together. In the next collaboration, the two could no longer find a common voice in music and they no longer appeared together on stage, at events, or in everyday life.

After Michael Jackson passed away in 2009, Madonna shared that she constantly remembered her lifelong friend by rewatching all of his performances. The pop queen has a better understanding of Jackson’s talent and way of life and appreciates it: “He is truly a king. But he is also a human being. And alas, we are all human beings.” ! And sometimes we have to lose things before we truly appreciate them.”


Perhaps the haughty beauty, the romantic splendor of

Perhaps the haughty beauty and romantic splendor of “Queen and King of Pop” is what makes the public remember forever.

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