“Neither of You Have Aged a Day”: Decade-Old “Wonderful” Photos of MMA Icon-Turned Hollywood Star Michael Jai White With His Wife Leave Their Fans Into a Meltdown

Michael Jai White is a household name for combat sports lovers. He has always been vocal about his love for MMA and movies. The Hollywood star not just have a successful professional life but also a personal life. Jai White is married to Gillian Iliana White, and the couple leads a lovely life together. Similar to the ‘Tyson’ actor, Gillian also shares a passion for acting. She received a lot of attention for her role in the popular drama series ‘The Oval, where she played the role of the former US Press Secretary Diane Wilmont.

Both Jai White and Gillian White believe in expressing their love for each other through social media. The couple never misses an opportunity to appreciate their better half for all the good things they do for each other. The power couple got married in July 2015, and it’s been a decade since the Hollywood stars began dating each other.

Fans are in awe after coming across pictures of Michael Jai White with his wife

Recently, Gillian White took to her Instagram handle to share some pictures of the couple that were clicked 10 years ago. Along with the pictures she wrote, “It’s amazing to me how time flies… these photos were a decade ago. Happy our smiles for each other are just as big and just as genuine then as they are now. The only thing that has changed is chopped off all that hair!” When fans came across the pictures, they went through a complete meltdown and poured love onto the couple in the comment section.

Michael Jai White and Gillian White got married after dating for a long time. Their marriage got delayed because their schedules didn’t match. It took them a lot of time to figure out when to get married. Finally, the couple decided to make it happen in 2015, and it’s been nothing short of a fairy tale since then. Some fans who admired the couple’s love story commented,

“A great love is so wonderful”

“Awww… two of my favorite people in the whole wide world!”

“The most dangerous couple ever” [fire and heart emoji]

While some fans appreciated the couple for staying together for such a long time. It surprised some at how the Hollywood stars have not gone through any significant transformation through these years. Michael Jai White is someone who is a passionate MMA practitioner, and Gillian White is also someone who gives so much importance to fitness. Hence, time didn’t affect their appearance much.

“You guys haven’t changed on bit”

“Neither of you have aged a day”

“*these photos were taken ten minutes ago. Fixed that for you #ageless”

A fan felt that the couple has a lot of outstanding qualities in them. Hence, he commented, “Style, class and Elegance all in one.”

From the reactions of the fans, it is clear that they admire the couple a lot for sticking with each other through all these years. Many appreciate the couple for the love, respect, and care they have shown in their wonderful relationship. What do you make of the photo? Let us know in the comments section below.

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