Nephew plays Michael Jackson in movie, ‘scary resemblance’

HOLLYWOOD, California (NV) – Director Antoine Fuqua said that Michael Jackson’s grandson will play the “king of pop” in the movie, and said that he resembles him unexpectedly.

According to Yahoo! Entertainment on Wednesday, August 30, director Fuqua said the film about Michael Jackson’s life was ready to begin filming when the Hollywood strikes ended.

Michael Jackson's nephew Jaafar Jackson's has 'uncanny' resemblance to King of Pop in biopic, director says

Mr. Jaafar Jackson practiced Michael Jackson’s dance moves for the movie. (Image: Instagram Jaafar Jackson)

The person playing Michael Jackson in the movie is Jaafar Jackson, the 27-year-old nephew of the “king of pop.” He is one of seven children of Jermaine Jackson, Michael Jackson’s older brother.

The movie about Michael Jackson is titled “Michael,” and director Fuqua said that the main actor resembles the late famous singer Jackson unexpectedly, even to the point of being “scary.”

Mr. Jaafar released the song “Got Me Singing” in 2019, so maybe he will sing himself in the movie.

Michael': Jaafar Jackson, Michael Jackson's Nephew, Will Star In Antoine Fuqua's Upcoming Biopic

Director Fuqua also said that “Michael”, produced by Lionsgate, will talk about many aspects of Michael Jackson’s life from the beautiful parts to the worst parts.

That piece will focus on his musical gifts, but will also talk about his alleged sexual assault of children.

Michael Jackson died in 2009 after suffering a heart attack at home. Many fans just celebrated his 65th birthday on Tuesday, August 29.

Also on the occasion of that birthday, Mr. Jaafar said on social networks: “I am honored to bring Uncle Michael’s story to the screen.”

Currently, “Michael” does not have a release date and will begin filming after the strike in Hollywood ends as director Antoine Fuqua said.

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