Nick Saban’s $1 Million Allegations Overshadowed by Travis Hunter’s 5-Bedroom Home Upgrade for Mom

All the attention is on the Colorado Buffaloes’ wide receiver after his recent investment in a mansion as a gift for his mother. Currently ranked at No. 6 on the overall NCAA NIL ranking chart, the millionaire just gifted his mother a 5-bedroom mansion less than 2000 miles from Colorado on her birthday. His grand gesture, however, takes us back to the past. And it’s all to do with Nick Saban.

In 2022, when Hunter switched programs and made his way to Jackson State University, Nick Saban weighed in on the move and targeted Hunter’s financial wealth. The wide receiver immediately defended himself. And so did his coach. While he may not have explicitly stated Hunter’s name, his remarks left little doubt, especially considering they were based on certain rumors. And although the allegations may not have been true back then, things have changed now.

Blast to the past: Nick Saban’s controversial take on Travis Hunter

Nick Saban has never been one to hold back while sharing his opinions on things he strongly believes in. While promoting the 2022 World Games, he explained how there’s a rule that restricts schools from employing NIL to recruit players. That’s when he brought up Jackson State. The then-Alabama Crimson Tide HC said, “Jackson State paid a guy a million dollars last year that was a really good Division I player to come to school.”

Saban added, “It was in the paper, and they bragged about it. Nobody did anything about it.” This came after the wide receiver had committed to Florida State but flipped to Jackson State on signing day. As it turns out, Saban relied on rumors to make the “million dollars” comment. After Hunter signed with the Tigers, rumors suggested the wide receiver had accepted a $1 million-plus deal with Penn Gaming. However, Travis Hunter quickly denied Saban’s claims.

Hunter decoded the former coach’s comment and tweeted, “I got a mil[lion]? But my mom still stays in a 3 bedroom house with five kids.” The then-Jackson State player found it hilarious that, despite him supposedly being a millionaire, his mother lived in a house that certainly wasn’t as big as the one he just gifted her.

In a YouTube video Travis Hunter uploaded, he sat with his fiancee, Leanna Lenee, and announced, “We just got some great news and a great update. We just got my mom a house, and today is her birthday, which is crazy. February 23rd.” Explaining that it’s located in Savannah – where Lenee’s parents live as well – the wide receiver added, “We don’t have to make two trips every time we go to visit. And I can also fish a lot.” That was only part of the motivation to buy that house. The primary reason was to make his mom happy. And considering her reaction, that’s precisely what he did.

After Hunter’s mother read out a letter standing in the house and realized it was hers, she couldn’t contain her happiness – running around and busting out dance moves. She exclaimed, “Thank you so much, son. Oh my God. I love you, son,” later adding, “Oh my God! Y’all got me good. Probably gonna cry later. “

Travis Hunter may have denied getting a million dollars after signing for Jackson State. But now that he has become a millionaire, he’s ensured to do what he said in response to Nick Saban’s remarks. Speaking of Saban’s comments, Hunter wasn’t the only one to defend himself. The then-Jackson State HC Deion Sanders stood up for his player, too.

Coach Prime believes Hunter’s not one for “chasing a dollar”

In the aftermath of Saban’s remarks, Deion Sanders came into the spotlight. He denied all the allegations brought about by the veteran coach. Coach Prime stated how even he doesn’t make that much: “I don’t even make a million.” Not just that. Sanders even rallied for the wide receiver.

“Travis ain’t built like that,” he said. “Travis ain’t chasing a dollar. Travis is chasing greatness. Travis and his family don’t get down like that. They never came to us in search of the bag. They’re not built like that. This kid wants to be great.” Hearing these words must’ve been a massive honor for Hunter, who looked up to Sanders and idolized him since he was a kid.

Coach Prime emphasized the character and values of the recruit in question. Hunter, being the first five-star recruit to sign with an FCS school, revisited his admiration for the Jackson State coach. Cut to the present time: Travis Hunter now has a net worth of several millions. As one of the most popular college athletes in terms of endorsement deals, it opens the scope to reconsider Nick Saban’s analysis from two years back.

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