Paris Jackson Explains Missing Janet Jackson’s Performance, Tells Fans To Stay Out Of Her Family’s Business

Paris Jackson Explains Missing Janet Jackson’s Performance, Tells Fans To Stay Out Of Her Family’s Business

In a series of posts on social media Paris Jackson, daughter to Michael Jackson, politely told her fans to “stay out of family drama.” She went on to explain that she understands how the public can feel close to her family especially considering she and he siblings grew up in the spotlight but her family’s business is no one else’s business but her own. She writes,
Dear social media followers, friends, stalkers, lovers and haters, and fellow moonwalkers. Please do not tell me/demand/try to control how I handle my relationship with the people in my life, specifically my family. As amazing and as shitty as things can be, it is no one’s business but ours. I understand that some of you feel some sort of connection or need to be a part of our lives considering you watched us grow up; however, I am handling my situation exactly how my father did. And I am happy keeping it that way.

Every family has their moments of trauma, heartbreak, separation, love, oneness, tribe, pain, everything. EVERY FAMILY,” she wrote. My family, specifically, and a good number of others… Well, our drama is broadcasted worldwide through media, but that doesn’t mean our family issues are any different from yours. Ours are just made public. Every level has another devil. Every life has their own sh** to deal with. We ain’t inferior or superior to y’all. We’re all f***ing human, so let’s act like it. I will always have love and respect for my family. ALWAYS. There is nothing more or less than that you need to know. Thank you for understanding

Paris was heavily criticized for not attending the Billboard Awards last night where her aunt Janet Jackson performed and became the first African American woman to receive the Billboard Icon Award.

Janet Jackson performs at Billboard Music Awards

In the past, some of her family members have made public statements about Paris and her behavior on social media.

Paris has made Instagram posts stating “So apparently people think I’m about to die” referencing how some of her family members have expressed concern about her. After urging any concerned family members to contact her should they feel concerned, Paris has adamantly stated that she is doing well living her life and there’s no need for worry.

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