Pat Mahomes Sr. Opens Up on Patrick Mahomes’ Retirement: “I Could See Him Playing at Least Another 10–12 Years”

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If you have questions about Patrick Mahomes’ retirement, his dad, Patrick Mahomes Sr. has the most accurate answer. The former MLB pitcher recently received a call from WFAN Radio’s Evan Roberts, and the conversation is something every Chiefs fan must take notes from.

In his seven seasons in the league, Mahomes won two Super Bowl championships. The Pro Bowl MVP is well on his way to possibly grabbing another Vince Lombardi Trophy, as the Chiefs are one game away from another Super Bowl Championship. A clip from WFAN Sports Radio on X shows how much faith Patrick Mahomes Sr. has in his son.

Evan Roberts of the show discussed the possibility of Patrick Mahomes continuing to play for however long he wanted, drawing comparisons with Tom Brady’s extensive career in the NFL. He asked the quarterback’s father how long it would be before Patrick Mahomes accepted to himself, “I’ve accomplished everything; I’m done.” While Roberts thinks such a possibility could arise in 5-6 years, the Chiefs quarterback’s father feels Mahomes is here to dominate for another decade.

Patrick Lavon Mahomes thinks that it is extremely hard to get that jersey off from his son. “I definitely think it’s going to be hard to get their jersey off of him. He has a lot of things I think he has in mind his goals, and I think Tom kind of gave the blueprint for quarterbacks and how you can play this game for a long time and with the rules and all the different stuff. I could see him playing, you know, at least another 10-12 years, so I mean let, you know, without injuries,” replied Patrick Mahomes Sr. to Evan Roberts.

Another thing the Chiefs quarterback’s father revealed was that Mahomes cannot sit idle. He mentioned how, in the off-season, he likes to play golf, basketball, or even checkers with the same competitive spirit that he plays football.

Speaking of competition, the Chiefs’ matchup against Lamar Jackson’s Ravens might be a challenge Mahomes must take seriously.

Will the Chiefs stand the test of time at M&T Bank Stadium

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have played four times against each other. Right now, the Chiefs are 3-1 against the Ravens, and the only game that they lost was at M&T Bank Stadium. While Patrick Mahomes “still got rings to collect”, Jackson made it clear that he was here to win a Super Bowl the night he was drafted.

The Baltimore team might be at an advantage because its offense and defense are among the most revered, and this is a home game for them. We know that Lamar Jackson would run with the ball to the end zone if he can’t find a receiver. Would Patrick Mahomes be able to do the same?

The game will kick off at 8:00 p.m. UK/ 3:00 p.m. at M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore on 28 January, Sunday.

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