Patrick Mahomes’ High End Versace Sneakers, Worth Almost 5x More Than Brittany’s Denim Air Jordans, Stole the Show in Miami

Patrick Mahomes' High End Versace Sneakers, Worth Almost 5x More Than Brittany's Denim Air Jordans, Stole the Show in Miami

Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany Mahomes are slowly becoming the fashion icons of the NFL world. First, they stunned everyone with their simple yet elegant looks at the Met Gala this year. Now, they once again turned heads with the rather trendy outfits they wore for this year’s Miami GP. Though it seems, Patrick may have outshined his wife in at least one aspect: the price tag on their shoes.

Mahomes, the Chiefs’ starting QB and 2x Super Bowl winner, is known for making fashion statements. Especially on gamedays, when he is often seen rocking up to the venue in stylish outfits. Brittany is never caught slacking either, though her pregnancy had restricted her outings for a while. Though now that phase is done and dusted with, she is back to wowing fans together with her husband.

Patrick and Brittany attended the Miami GP in style

The $40 million worth QB and his wife showed up for this year’s Miami GP in some great outfits. Patrick wore a matching Loius Vitton set with diamond patterns and matched it with some Versace sneakers. Brittany, on the other hand, chose to go with a T-Shirt dress from Chanel, with some Nike Air Jordan 1 Retro to go with it.

Though they were both stunning in their respective outfits, Patrick might have inadvertently outshone his wife in terms of how expensive their outfits are. Evidently, Brittany’s Jordans, which cost around $175 on average, pale in comparison to the $950 worth Versace sneakers Mahomes was wearing on the day. That’s almost 5x more expensive, just on shoes!

Patrick Mahomes has been on a fashion roll

Apart from his appearance at Miami, Patrick Mahomes turned heads at the Met Gala this year. With some help from Hugo Boss, Mahomes successfully donned a black suit with a white colorless shit, paired with some sunglasses. Simple, yet oozing with elegance. Paired with his wife Brittany in a white gown, the couple was the heartthrob of the event for many fans.

The next big event for Mahomes comes in the form of his golf match against Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, as part of Capital One’s ‘The Match’ series. He will be pairing up with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, who doubles up as one of his close friends. Will the Super Bowl-winning duo successfully take down the “Splash Brothers” in a game of golf?

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