Patrick Mahomes Mom Reveals Latest Life Secret That Could Possibly Upset Daughter-in-Law Brittany and Troubled Son Jackson

Patrick Mahomes Mom Reveals Latest Life Secret That Could Possibly Upset Daughter-in-Law Brittany and Troubled Son Jackson

Be it during the season or the offseason, Patrick Mahomes and his family are always in the news. Especially over the course of this offseason, the Mahomes family has dominated airtime with their slew of controversies and family troubles. As we approach the start of the upcoming season, the Mahomes are in the news again, although this time, the newsmaker is none other than Patrick’s mother, Randi Mahomes.

Throughout the offseason, Randi Mahomes has been in and out of the news, especially following the tragic passing of her mother, which stunned the entire Mahomes clan. Paired with the troubling news of her son Jackson’s actions, Randi has had a long, winding year so far. But the matriarch of the family decided to reveal a few personal details with her latest IG story.

Randi Mahomes reveals the truth about her nature

In a world dominated by extroverts, introverts often find solace in their own company. In a surprising Instagram story, Randi shared a glimpse into her introverted nature, which stands in stark contrast to the outgoing and extroverted personalities of her son Jackson Mahomes and daughter-in-law Brittany Mahomes.

In a lighthearted post on her Instagram stories, she humorously joked about running away from socializing with people. The revelation humanizes Randi, giving us a glimpse into the quiet side of the Mahomes matriarch. While her introversion may not seem consequential at first, it becomes a factor when considering the contrasting personalities of her son and daughter-in-law.

The different faces of Patrick Mahomes’ family

Patrick Mahomes and his family comprise a slew of different personalities. From the face of the family, the media savvy Patrick to the social butterflies of the family in his wife Brittany Mahomes and troublesome brother Jackson Mahomes. Now, Randi too has revealed the true nature of her personality with her latest story.

While this may be much different than her own family members, the outgoing nature of Brittany and Jackson have often landed the two in trouble. While Brittany has only been subjected to trolling on the internet for her persona, Jackson’s personality and nature have landed the 23-year-old in a world of trouble. We still await the final result of his ongoing trial after allegations of sexual assault and battery were placed upon him over the summer.

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