Prince Jackson admitted that Michael is not his biological father

However, no matter what, Prince Jackson will still consider Michael Jackson his father.

The Toronto Sun and TMZ reported earlier last week that Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson admitted rumors that the late King of Pop was not his biological father. But he affirms that he has only one father in the world, Michael, who raised him.


Michael Jackson and son Prince Jackson

Prince Jackson is 18 years old this year, the son of Michael and his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, Prince’s two younger sisters, Paris Jackson (1 year younger than Jackson) and his youngest sister, Blanket Jackson. Although there are no similarities in the faces of father and son, Michael is always a good father, giving all his love to his children. Prince is very happy and appreciates this.

Public rumors swirled about this, especially after Michael’s death at his home in 2009. This was the first time in 7 years that Michael’s son spoke to the press about this.

Prince wanted to destroy all the chaos to bring a peaceful life to his family after a malicious Twitter user claimed that his mother’s former boss, dermatologist Arnold Klein, was Prince’s biological father. Instead of responding to that line of accusations, Michael chose to expose the truth to the public.

Prince wrote on his personal page with a proverb that “A drop of blood is thicker than water”, He added  “I was raised by my father along with my younger siblings”

TMZ said there was a previous report proving that Michael is not Prince’s biological father but is also not Arnold Klein. Price told TMZ that “I don’t care if my biological father is Michael or not”,  because Prince only knew one father, Michael.

Currently, Prince and his siblings are raised by his grandmother Katherine Jackson and cousin TJ Jackson.


Prince Jackson and his grandmother Katherine Jackson

TJ, son of Tito Jackson – Michael Jackson’s older brother, responded to the press that “he feels it is his responsibility to take care of the children after Uncle Michael’s death. It is his effort to give back.” Pop star’s love for me”. For TJ, Michael is an important person who helped him overcome the difficulties of losing his mother. He wants to do everything good for his younger siblings.

Prince is a very mature and multi-talented eldest brother. Michael’s eldest son shared about his dream of working in the showbiz world on the show Entertainment Tonight:  “I dream of becoming a producer, director, playwright and an actor” . In 2013, Prince, 16 years old, officially entered the entertainment industry with a role in the famous TV series  90210 . At the same time, Prince also tried his hand at being the host of the Entertainment Tonight newscast . Prince spoke very fluently and professionally, surprising many audiences.

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