Randi Mahomes Joins Son Jackson for $850M Artist’s Concert as Patrick Mahomes Set to Work on His ‘Dad Bod’

The Queen of Pop is ready to grace people with her mesmerizing presence as she goes on tours around the United States of America. Of all people, Randi Mahomes and her son Jackson are truly excited to witness the concert and are traveling to see her perform live. The mother-son duo is road-tripping, and the Super Bowl-winning son Patrick Mahomes has other things to take care of.

For a while now, the Chiefs QB had ‘self-proclaimed’ himself having a “dad bod.” But his trainer is trying to change that narrative. Not by physically changing Mahomes, but by siding with him. So, for now, Patrick Mahomes is busy working out while his family travels across the country to watch the $850 million pop star perform.

Randi Mahomes and son Jackson on a road trip to witness a sensation

The mother of 3, Randi Mahomes uploaded some pictures on her Instagram Stories, and one of those pictures showcased Jackson and Mama Mahomes together, posing with a big smile. But, that wasn’t the eye-catching part of the upload. Rather, it was the caption Randi posted along the car selfie which read, “On the way to see Madonna,” that grabbed the attention of the viewers immediately.

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The following photo showed the mother-son duo posing to the camera, again, with a big smile. The photo seemed to come directly from the concert venue as there was a huge Madonna backdrop and the stage behind Randi and Jackson. This activity of Randi and Jackson Mahomes provides a good insight into the bonding time of the family and how they take time to cater to their interests other than football.

Meanwhile, the older son Patrick Mahomes seems to be busy with his commitments these days. The off-season is family-centric, so the QB went to see a children’s play with his kids and wife. But after he had his fun, he had training to do to manage his self-proclaimed “dad bod.”

Patrick Mahomes gets support from his team during offseason workouts

Mahomes joked around saying that he had six packs under his stomach. But that’s not eluding Rashee Rice. A locker room video of Mahomes was leaked where he is seen shirtless, exposing his dad bod. The internet compared him to Mac Jones and even Jason Kelce. But Mahomes clarified and said that he’s a father to two children, and that’s why he has a healthy body.

Rashee Rice was quick to jump on the wagon and wore a t-shirt to practice with shirtless Mahomes on it. The pictures of the same were uploaded by Starcade Media captioned, “Rashee Rice sporting a Mahomes dad bod shirt as offseason workouts continue with new signing Hollywood Brown,” showcasing that indeed the 3x Super Bowl Champion and his team are ardently working even during the off time from the games.

Mahomes’ trainer, Bobby Stroupe gave Rashee Rice a shoutout and shared Rice’s picture with a shirtless Mahomes t-shirt. He captioned the photo, “It’s not a dad bod, it’s a father figure.” Overall, it appears that the Mahomes are taking full advantage of the NFL off-season as the 28-year-old aims for a three-peat.

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