“Really Struggling”: Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Provides Worrying Health Update

Brittany Mahomes is opening up about her skincare journey with sincerity. Post a glamorous family photo session with her husband and their two young ones, Sterling and Bronze, she chose to strip away the facade of makeup. She revealed her battle with acne. In her Instagram stories, Brittany gave her followers a glimpse into her public appearance versus her private challenges.

She highlighted troublesome areas on her face and asked for advice from her followers. Brittany, who had once graced Sports Illustrated as a swimsuit model, has been facing issues with her health lately.

Brittany Mahomes reveals her skin condition

She said that she had been dealing with a skin condition for some time now. Brittany posted a boomerang video of herself smiling at the camera on her story. But the caption read was anything but joyful. “Actually really struggling with my skin right now trying to figure out why it’s just breaking out all around my mouth like I’m allergic to something, but can not figure it out,” she wrote.

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The mystery behind the sudden outbursts left her confounded. And she even asked her followers for help. “I have no idea what’s causing it. I feel like I’ve changed everything that I use, and I have no idea. So if anyone does know or has recommendations, please let me know.”

Finally, the culprit turned out to be Perioral Dermatitis, a condition often appearing in adults. Armed with this knowledge, she resolved to seek professional help, stating, “I’m pretty positive I have Perioral Dermatitis. I am going to a dermatologist tomorrow to figure out what I need to do.”

The former fitness trainer has turned her health ordeals into a clarion call for wellness.

Brittany urges women to take care of their pelvic floor

A few weeks ago, she emphasized the significance of pelvic floor care post-motherhood. In a heartfelt message to her digital community, she shared her own challenging encounter with a fractured back. The details surrounding the cause remain undisclosed though.

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Taking to Instagram, the co-owner of Kansas City Current, Brittany shared some sage advice, “Just your daily reminder: Once you have kids please take care of your pelvic floor,” paired with a reflective selfie. Her message, underscored by her own experience, served as a gentle nudge towards self-care, “Seriously. From: A girl with a fractured back .”

Brittany’s life has been a whirlwind of activity. More so with Patrick Mahomes steering the Chiefs to a Super Bowl LVIII victory. Amidst the celebrations, from jubilant afterparties to triumphant parades, her revelation shows the difference between “reel” life and “real” life.

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