Ronda Rousey’s Rival Staggered at Dana White’s Decision After Kayla Harrison’s UFC 300 Announcement Against Holly Holm

UFC 300 is set to take place in a matter of months. It is a landmark event for UFC and several intriguing match-ups are in the making. Amongst other match-ups, it is reported that Holly Holm is making a comeback to the cage against Kayla Harrison. This is a quintessential fight between a striker and a grappler. Not to mention, both of them are one of the biggest draws in women’s Mixed Martial Arts.

Safe to say, this has left the MMA world excited, including a former champion and rival of Ronda Rousey, Meisha Tate. On her Instagram account, she made her reaction to this match-up known.

Holly Holm vs Kayla Harrison leaves Meisha Tate excited

Meisha Tate is a former champion and is also known for her iconic bouts against Ronda Rosey. She has an Instagram account of 2 Million followers and actively shares her thoughts and opinions. In a recent Instagram story, she is stunned to see Holm fight against Harrison at UFC 300, and rightfully so. This bout is one for the ages to come given their stature and stakes at hand. While crediting, ‘MMA Gods,’ she stated, “What in the MMA lords is going on,” she added, “This is exciting”

This is the first fight for Harrison under the UFC banner and it is against a legend of the game. How she fair against her would indicate her calibre against formidable UFC fighters. However, amidst this excitement shared by Tate and many others, find out how Dana White perceives this match-up.

Dana White hypes up Holm vs Harrison

Harrison is one of the greatest female combatants of all time. However, one of the major criticisms about her career is that she has not competed in the most competitive league of the sport, UFC. But now, the time has come for her to make the walk under the UFC banner. For Holm, this is a fight for her to prove herself against another great, just like she has in the past. White is aware of the same as he hypes this fight up by stating, “Holly Holm is one of the baddest women ever to compete in combat sports, ever. She’s fought all the nastiest women in the world, in boxing and in MMA, except for 1.”

It indeed is quite an exciting match-up and worthy of being in UFC 300. However, amidst this excitement and eagerness to see the two throw down, we are curious to know what your predictions are. How do you see this fight playing out? Share with us your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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