“Sly Out Here Looking Like Michael Jackson”: Forgotten Photo of Sylvester Stallone With ‘Rocky’ Co-Stars Makes Boxing World Nostalgic

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The world of cinema has the influence to leave a long-lasting impact on culture. Decades after the release of the Rocky series, a resurfaced photo evoked a sense of nostalgia in fans. Hollywood actor, Sylvester Stallone, is the face of the franchise. Not only did he play the role of protagonist, an underdog boxer, ‘Rocky Balboa,’ but he also wrote the screenplay of the first Rocky film. The fictional tale of the series left the fans inspired and subsequently, the franchise captured the hearts of an entire generation.

A picture was re-surfaced online in which Stallone was on set alongside Carl Weathers and Mr-T. Weathers played the role of ‘Apollo Creed’ and Mr-T played the role of ‘Clubber Lang.’ Both characters in the film were the opponents of Balboa and played an integral role. Witnessing the same, the fans were awestruck and felt nostalgic.

Fans react to Sylvester Stallone’s resurfaced picture

They say a picture says 1000 words. A resurfaced picture of Sylvester Stallone on set for one of his Rocky films has made fans react in many ways. @80Tees on Facebook posted the picture with the caption, “Mr. T, Carl Weathers, and Sylvester Stallone on the set of Rocky III”

A fan named Joe Brubaker recalled a dialogue from the film and stated, “Clubber to Creed ‘hey boy!!!! You’re next!!!’ Lol, Clubber was such a shitheel!!!!! Great performance.” Another fan named Stanley Tinsley noticed something peculiar and stated, “Wow none of them are very tall. lol!!”

One user named Eddie Drawde had few words for Carl Weathers specifically. He stated, “Carl Weathers looked like he could really be a boxer. He moved well.” Another user named Tim Mothy found the picture quality to be impressive. Reflecting on the same, he stated, “So much clean and clear in this photo”

Meanwhile, one user named Corey Jackson found Stallone to look like American popstar, Michael Jackson. He stated, “Sly out here looking like Michael Jackson”

Stallone and the Rocky franchise have left an impact on fans that even decades after, the fans are able to remember dialogues and feel nostalgic. What was your reaction to the picture? In addition, which part of the Rocky series was your favorite and why? Share it with us in the comments below.

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