Stephanie McMahon allegedly got pis*ed at WWE veteran on a flight

Stephanie McMahon is no longer with WWE

Stephanie McMahon had an argument with a WWE veteran on a plane, as per the latter’s comments.

Greg Gagne had a brief stint with WWE in 2006 and worked as the OVW booker. He was let go by the promotion in September 2006.

In an interview with RF Video, Gagne revealed that Stephanie McMahon once got pis*ed at him during a flight. As per the veteran, Stephanie claimed that her father, Vince McMahon, made Hulk Hogan. Gagne took a jibe at Stephanie in response, and it didn’t sit well with her.

“We had a little incident on the plane one night on their private jet when we were going to one of the towns. And Stephanie’s in her seat and Triple H… and I’m behind him. And Kevin Dunn and Vince. Dunn says to me, ‘You know, Vince never had any intention of putting anybody out of business.’ Are you kidding? ‘Oh no, he didn’t.’ So we went into a few things then and then Stephanie said, ‘My dad made Hulk Hogan.’ And I said, ‘Stephanie, you weren’t even around to know what was going on at that time.’ She got a little pis*ed at me, but you know, I can’t hold it back. I got to say what I’m thinking and what I feel.” [4:24-5:06]

Hulk Hogan worked on a Stephanie McMahon-led SmackDown back in 2003

Stephanie worked as the SmackDown General Manager from 2002-03 during the height of the Ruthless Aggression Era. She worked as a babyface authority figure on the blue brand at the time.

Hogan was a top star on SmackDown back then. He feuded with Vince McMahon on the road to WrestleMania XIX in 2003 and defeated him at the event. Hogan later had a brief stint as Mr. America before parting ways with the company.

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