“That has helped me invaluably” – Current RAW star talks about how Hall of Famer Chyna inspired her

The RAW star spoke of her admiration of Chyna

Chyna was a force to be reckoned with during the Attitude Era. The WWE Hall of Famer went on to win the Women’s Championship along with the Intercontinental Championship during her run in the company. She was a crucial and iconic figure of the era and inspired countless girls.

Recently, RAW superstar Raquel Rodriguez talked about how she was one of the girls who was inspired by the DX member. Raquel talked about what made her stand out among everyone and why she was special. The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion made these comments on the “Short and to the Point” podcast.

“She had so many feuds with men that for me she solidified the idea of hey we can hang with the boys too. When I was watching her growing up and go and play basketball with the boys and that has helped me invaluably as well because it has helped me up my level every time,” Raquel said about Chyna. [11:05 – 11:25]

She also talked about how she had competed with boys all her life after being inspired by Chyna to help her wrestling career.

“Even at the performance center, getting to be in a male class with Scotty Too Hotty and getting to soak up all his experience and all his knowledge from all these guys who have years of experience over me and to learn from them,” said Raquel. [11:25 – 11:40]

Raquel Rodriguez on the WWE wrestlers being a family

Raquel Rodriguez

Raquel Rodriguez

The former NXT Champion, in the same interview, talked about how her friends backstage have helped her navigate this early part of her career.

“You build relationships with people that become your sister and they might not be blood related but they’re you sisters and brothers and we all go through the same trials and tribulations with the roller coaster that is WWE and our lives,” said Raquel. [18:35 – 18:50]

According to her, being a WWE wrestler requires a lot of sacrifices and being away from your family. This will obviously be tough on anyone, and the bond formed between all the wrestlers helps each other through thick and thin to navigate through the ups and downs of being a wrestler.

“It’s hard being away your own family, I’m really close to my family of course I know a lot of people are when we miss all the things we should be sharing with your family we have to miss that sometimes because we are a year round sport. It’s nice to have someone you can talk to, hug and get advice from and just someone who has your back,” Raquel about the importance of friends backstage. [18:55 – 19:23]

Rodriguez talked in detail about her career, role models, and goals in the candid interview. She also gave her thoughts about her loss to Rhea before her rematch for the title in the wide-ranging interview.

Would you like to see Raquel as a WWE Women’s Champion? Do you think she can be as successful as Chyna? Let us know in the comments below.

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