“That Makes You a Moron”: Kadyn Proctor Ripped Apart After Leaving Alabama for Iowa

The off-season drama in CFB is at its peak. Hirings and firings, commits and decommits, and teams having complete revamp. This all was normal, usual stuff. The unusual element this off-season was brought by Alabama’s and/or Iowa’s Kadyn Proctor. In January 2024, Proctor entered the transfer portal and committed to Iowa, and in March 2024, he decided to reverse his decision and to come back to Alabama. Mike Farrell called it “That makes you a moron.”

Earlier, it was assumed that the reason behind Proctor’s impulsive actions was the shock that came with Nick Saban’s retirement news. Until Iowa football NIL collective released a statement of Proctor that triggered an array of assumptions about Protor leaving Alabama to get a sizable NIL deal from Iowa. Per the statement, Proctor will not receive any funds from the hefty NIL deal he signed upon joining Iowa in January. But being the guy who says ‘tuition if payment’ in the age of multi-million TV deals will be called moronic sometime, but it doesn’t mean that you get a pass to wager your ethics, per Pharrell.

Aiming for the bag with the best deals is the need of the hour, but if it’s done as Proctor did, then it becomes a problem. “Kadyn Proctor needs to learn what a high road is sometime soon. He has to learn how to treat his character and ethics as well as he does his wallet,” Pharrell wrote about Proctor. Proctor’s actions raised serious questions regarding his integrity and ethics toward both Alabama and Iowa. “You can’t commit to a school AND decommit AND chase a bag AND hit the portal AND go back to your pre

vious school all in the span of 16 months or so,” Pharrell stated as a matter-of-fact.

It’s hardly about players’ valuation and freedom, it’s the forgetting of ethics when it comes to the bag that is the culprit. As for Kadyn, he is getting all the smacks on his head.

Alabama OL Latham’s unapologetic dig at Kadyn Proctor

Brilliant performance at Pro-Day and being a projected first-round pick in the 2024 NFL draft doesn’t stop Alabama’s offensive lineman JC Latham from standing up for his college team. Proctor’s action towards Alabama might have left some sour feelings in the Bama players’ hearts.

The same feelings that Latham penned on X to chide Proctor. “The grass isn’t always greener on the other side … you get to find out the hard way it’s not,” commented Latham on X. While he surely took his shot at condemning Proctor, he also took a subtle dig at the University of Iowa in the process. Do you agree with what Latham has to say about Proctor? Does Proctor need to learn what the higher road is?  Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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