The daughter of pop king Michael Jackson revealed the reason for covering up 80 tattoos

When appearing at the Grammy music awards ceremony last weekend, Paris Jackson was surprised because more than 80 tattoos on her body completely disappeared.

Many people believe that Paris Jackson must have felt regretful because of the tattoos appearing all over her body, but recently, the daughter of pop king Michael Jackson officially spoke up to explain her move to cover up the tattoos.

Appearing at the event, Paris wore a dress from the fashion house Celine. Because this is a collaboration between the fashion house and the singer, Paris wants to respect the fashion house’s design by covering up her tattoos, so that the image of the dress gets more attention when she appears. appeared on the red carpet.

Daughter of pop king Michael Jackson reveals the reason for covering up 80 tattoos - 1

Paris has a passion for tattoos (Photo: Daily Mail).

Paris knew that if she revealed her tattoos while wearing this sexy design, all the attention would be on her tattoos.

“I want Celine’s beautiful dress to receive the attention it deserves. I really like tattoos and piercings, but sometimes, these details will distract the media and the public. They don’t care about the impressive fashion design that I was loaned by the fashion house,” Paris shared.

Immediately after leaving the Grammy Awards, Paris Jackson’s crew helped her remove her makeup and reveal many tattoos at a party event with other artists after the awards ceremony.

Paris has a passion for tattoos. Over the years, Paris has done more than 80 tattoos on her body. She once shared: “I often do couple tattoos with close friends. I also do many tattoos to commemorate my father’s life and career.

I know tattoos are always a controversial topic. There are people who hate tattoos, but I consider tattoos as a form of artistic expression. I love art and also love tattoos, because I can put its own meaning into each tattoo.”

Daughter of pop king Michael Jackson reveals the reason for covering up 80 tattoos - 2

Paris Jackson covered up all of her more than 80 tattoos when appearing at the 2024 Grammy Awards (Photo: Daily Mail).

Daughter of pop king Michael Jackson reveals the reason for covering up 80 tattoos - 3

Paris Jackson revealed some tattoos when appearing at the 2024 Grammy after-party (Photo: Daily Mail).

Paris is trying to pursue a singing career. She is the only child of pop king Michael Jackson to pursue a singing career up to this point. Paris has tried many roles such as model, actress, and singer.

Paris once said that she found music as a way to enjoy herself and satisfy her personal passions. Therefore, she will slowly walk on her musical path.

She affirmed that she doesn’t sing for money, because she… doesn’t need money. Paris only cares about the quality of music products and does not care about revenue.

After Michael Jackson passed away, the Jackson family continued to regularly collect royalties from the music products he released to the market during his lifetime.

It is estimated that the Jackson family has earned more than 700 million USD in music royalties since Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. Currently, the total wealth built from Michael Jackson’s name and career is estimated to be up to about 1.8 billion USD.

Since Michael Jackson’s death, each of his children has regularly received $8 million per year from this fortune. Michael Jackson’s three children will inherit an ever-increasing fortune, even after their father has been dead for many years.

Therefore, Paris Jackson affirms that money problems have never been a burden to her. In her work and life, Paris evaluates her level of success based on how she feels about herself and what she does.

“Every time I can perform continuously and still maintain a stable performance, I feel proud of myself. Every time I compose a song that I confidently send to the public, I feel proud.” about myself. I don’t worry about revenue, because I don’t sing for money,” Paris Jackson once shared.

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