Unveiled never-before-seen footage of Michael Jackson

Within the framework of the Venice International Film Festival taking place in the Italian city of the same name, fans of the 7th art genre will have the opportunity to watch never-before-seen footage of the “King of Pop”. ” Michael Jackson.

Công chiếu những thước phim chưa từng biết đến về Michael Jackson | baotintuc.vn

The movie “Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3-D” directed by veteran filmmaker John Landis shows a different perspective on Michael Jackson’s life.

John Landis is also the “father” of Michael Jackson’s famous 14-minute “Thriller” music video released in 1983. Few people know that the idea of ​​making the “Thriller” video came from Michael’s admiration. Jackson met director John Landis through his horror film “An American Werewolf in London” and since then the “King of Pop” has always cherished the dream of becoming a monster on screen.

According to director Landis, modern technology allowed him to add sound effects and improve images when converting the film to 3-D, to increase the horror of this video in the same way that Michael was when he was alive. ever wanted.

Michael Jackson’s sudden death at the age of 50 (in 2009) was a tragedy for his family and friends as well as fans around the world. Director John Landis shared: “The only thing I feel regretful is that Michael was not here to witness this film. He would have enjoyed this creative product.”

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