Unveiling the Hidden Collaborations: Artists You Never Knew Bruno Mars Worked With!

Unveiling the Hidden Collaborations: Artists You Never Knew Bruno Mars Worked With!

Bruno Mars is one of the most successful pop singers of the past decade. With his retro style and soulful vocals, he has captured the hearts of music lovers around the world. But beyond his own solo work, Bruno has also collaborated with a diverse range of artists across genres. Here are some of the biggest names you may not have realized Bruno Mars has worked with.


The British songstress Adele and Bruno co-wrote the emotional ballad “All I Ask” for Adele’s 2015 album “25.” The song showcases Bruno’s skill as a songwriter, crafting a beautiful love song that perfectly fits Adele’s powerhouse vocals.


Bruno not only co-wrote B.o.B’s 2010 hit single “Nothin’ on You” featuring Hayley Williams of Paramore, but he also provided the memorable chorus vocals. His smooth R&B style provides a perfect complement to B.o.B’s rap verses on this platinum-certified song.

CeeLo Green

Before going solo, Bruno was part of the songwriting and production team The Smeezingtons with Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine. Together, they penned CeeLo Green’s Grammy-winning 2010 smash hit “F**k You.” Bruno’s songwriting talent helped create this catchy, anthemic pop song.


Bruno teamed up with rap legend Eminem for the remix of “Rap God” in 2013. Bruno adds his smooth vocals to the track, providing an R&B twist to Eminem’s rapid-fire rap verses. Their contrasting styles mesh together seamlessly on this hip-hop hit.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa

Bruno joined forces with hip-hop heavyweights Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa on the laid-back 2011 summer anthem “Young, Wild & Free.” Bruno’s signature falsetto and catchy chorus help make this song an instant party classic, showing his ability to crossover into the hip-hop world.

Cardi B

Cardi B and Bruno have collaborated on two chart-topping singles: “Finesse,” which won a Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 2019, and “Please Me” from 2019. Their playful chemistry and contrasting styles shine on these hits, blending pop, hip-hop and R&B influences.

Damian Marley

Bruno collaborated with reggae icon Damian Marley on the song “Locked Out of Heaven” from Bruno’s 2012 album “Unorthodox Jukebox.” Bruno’s pop sensibilities blend effortlessly with Damian’s reggae rhythms and vocal style, creating a cross-genre smash hit.

Mark Ronson

British producer and DJ Mark Ronson co-wrote and produced several of Bruno’s biggest hits, including “Uptown Funk,” “Moonshine” and “Gorilla.” Their collaboration helped define Bruno’s retro sound, bringing funk and soul influences into the pop mainstream.

Anderson .Paak

This soulful duo formed the supergroup Silk Sonic in 2021. Their debut album “An Evening with Silk Sonic” showcases Bruno and .Paak’s chemistry and mutual love of vintage R&B. Their collaborations have helped revive the ’70s funk and soul sound for modern audiences.

In summary, Bruno Mars’ collaborations with artists across genres demonstrate his versatility as a songwriter, vocalist and producer. By blending his retro pop and R&B influences with hip-hop, reggae and soul, Bruno has created some of the most memorable pop hits of the last decade. His collaborations have helped define his unique sound while showcasing his ability to bring the best out of his musical partners.

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