WATCH: Rhea Ripley rips former champion’s hair during title match at WWE Supershow

Rhea Ripley rips WWE Superstar

WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley locked horns with former women’s champion Natalya and ripped her hair at the latest House Show in Fairfax.

The Eradicator and The Queen of Harts have been involved in a rivalry on RAW over the last few weeks, with the former maintaining a steady upper hand. Natalya is also one of the only two WWE Superstars against whom Ripley has defended her gold in her current title reign.

Nattie challenged Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at WWE Supershow in Fairfax. The Judgment Day member ripped a chunk of her opponent’s hair during the match.

But that was not enough for the Eradicator. Ripley twirled the hair in her hand to mock Natalya, who was struggling to go back on her feet inside the ring. She also used the hair locks to disgust the match official into stepping out of her way.

You can watch the full video of Rhea Ripley’s entertaining shenanigans below:

Ultimately, Ripley retained her Women’s World Championship after defeating Natalya via submission. Fans in the live audience and on social media hailed the Judgment Day member as a menace for her heel antics in the latest title match.

WWE accidentally played Rhea Ripley’s entrance on SmackDown

Rhea Ripley was not scheduled to appear on SmackDown last week, but the production team reminded fans of Mami’s presence with a hilarious botch on the show.

Although Ripley was not present on the blue brand, her entrance video was played momentarily with Bianca Belair’s theme music while the latter was heading to the ring.

Ripley later took to Twitter to react to the botch and said that even the production team ‘can’t keep Mami out of their heads.’ Fan-favorite announcer Samantha Irvin also made a botch and accidentally said Judgment Day instead of Damage CTRL during Bayley’s entrance at Money in the Bank.

Irvin, too, jokingly blamed Rhea Ripley, as the Judgment Day member was spotted flirting with her at a live event.

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