Where are Michael Jackson’s brothers and children?

After the sudden death of pop king Michael Jackson , family members still pursued the musical tradition, especially his children.

The Jackson family became famous after The Jackson 5 – the musical group founded by brothers Jackie, Tito (TJ), Jermaine, Marlon and Michael – took the world by storm in the late 1960s and well into the mid-1970s. .

As for Michael Jackson, he started his solo career in 1971. Since singing as an independent singer, he has become famous worldwide for his lifetime hits and a series of iconic dance moves. statue.

That made Michael’s siblings gradually overshadow the success of the “king of pop”. However, in the end, everyone has their own career, from singing to business.

Where is Jackson’s family now?

Where are Michael Jackson's brothers and children?  - Figure 1

Michael Jackson’s death greatly affected the reputation and career of family members.

Janet Jackson

Although Michael has passed away, leaving behind many regrets, the Jackson family still has a precious legacy, his sister Janet. She continues to pursue her family’s musical tradition. Her most recent work is Made For Now released in 2018, featuring the vocals of Daddy Yankee.

In 2019, she was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The female singer plans to conduct a big tour to promote her album Black Diamond. However, the Covid-19 epidemic left her plans unfinished.

La Toya Jackson

Following family tradition, La Toya also started her singing career early. She is the older sister of pop music king Michael Jackson.

When the Thriller singer passed away, La Toya was the one who confirmed and made the death certificate for his younger brother. Although she pursues singing, her career cannot compare with her younger sister Janet.

La Toya focuses more on reality television. She appeared on Celebrity Apprentice and hosted her own show called Life With La Toya. In recent years, she has been in the hot seat of many shows, including RuPaul’s Drag Race – a competition for contestants who disguise themselves as girls for many years and has won Emmy awards for many years.

Where are Michael Jackson's brothers and children?  - Figure 2

La Toya (left) and Janet Jackson are still pursuing their own careers.

Children of the King of Pop

Unlike his father, Prince’s career was tied to academia, behind the scenes. Michael’s eldest son graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He is working on his own music and television projects.

Jackson’s son is also taking on the role of advisor to his younger brother Bigi, sponsoring and worrying about his sister Paris since the king of pop passed away.

Among Michael’s children, only Paris Jackson has a relatively stable career. The 22-year-old female singer continues to pursue her career with the support of her brother Prince.

Where are Michael Jackson's brothers and children?  - Figure 3

Michael Jackson’s children inherited their father’s career (from left: Paris, Price and Bigi).

Compared to her brothers, she has a rather rebellious personality. In an interview with Rolling Stone , Paris admitted she has nine tattoos reminiscent of her late father. “Dad always brings me joy. I do this in memory of him,” she said.

Recently, Paris Jackson appeared on the famous TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live! , performing the song Let Down from the new album titled Wilted.

Michael’s youngest son is Prince Michael Jackson Jr. (born in 1999), he recently changed his name to Bigi.

Currently, he continues to study at Buckley School in Los Angeles, where the children of famous stars such as Laura Dern and Kim Kardashian are present… Bigi also toddled into his music career with the help of his siblings.

The Jackson Brothers

After the death of Michael Jackson, the music group The Jackson 5 continued to operate under the name Jacksons. They participated in several tours and also released a new album. Although not very famous, the group still has a loyal following.

Rebbie Jackson is the eldest child of a family with a musical tradition. The female singer born in 1950 has a long musical career but is quite separate from her family.

She is known for the song Centipede (1984) and released a total of four albums in her career. Rebbie leads a rather private life. She married her childhood sweetheart, Nathaniel Brown, and had three children.

Marlon Jackson – Michael’s older brother – has been a part of The Jackson 5 since the group first debuted. However, he chose to give up his music career in the 80s and started a real estate business in California.

Where are Michael Jackson's brothers and children?  - Figure 4

The Jackson brothers all have their own careers.

Currently, he is the co-owner of the Black Family Channel cable network, actively promoting and introducing community support programs. Since 2012, he has occasionally returned to the stage to perform with his brothers.

Randy, the family’s youngest son, has a strong passion for music.

After The Jackson 5 broke up in the late 1980s, Randy formed his own band. Randy and the Gypsys once released an album but quickly disbanded.

In 1998, Randy founded his own record label. Currently, he is still active in art, co-founding a record label with his sister Janet.

It is worth mentioning that after Michael Jackson’s death, none of the brothers received any money from the king of pop music. The incident has caused a stir for many years.

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