Witnessed magic tonight as DUALIPA delivered a showstopping performance that will be etched in memory forever. Pure talent at its finest!

The set started with ‘Blow Your Mind’, and she certainly did that.

She dominated the stage with a fun dance routine and a group of very sparkly backing dancers, impressing the rowdy crowd.

People filled up every inch of grᴀss around the stage to jump to hits like ‘Be The One’ and ‘Scared To Be Lonely’ as Dua gave everything she had to her performance.

It’s got to be said that her metallic trainers and glittery eye shadow almost stole the show, but they were quickly overshadowed by her amazing vocals and impressive choreography.

As she sang the lyrics ‘I look like all you need’ the crowd seemed to agree as they sang it back with all their energy. Single ‘H๏τter Than Hell’ sent fans wild as they cheered and danced, enjoying the upbeat pop music.

Giving a shout-out to all those who have ever been heartbroken, her track ‘IDGAF’ resonated with many of her fans as they sang every word back to her.

She ended the set on a high note with mᴀssive tune ‘New Rules’ — and it was obvious that a lot of people saw it as a way of life, not just a song.

Dua Lipa definitely gave the performance of a lifetime this afternoon and everyone who watched her would say the same.

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