WWE legend “liked” Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface, says he would have taken the move if asked

Rhea Ripley is the Women

Rhea Ripley is the Women’s World Champion.

Rhea Ripley’s viral Stinkface from a recent WWE live event might have divided opinion, but WWE legend Dutch Mantell seems to have enjoyed it.

WWE house shows are unlike TV episodes, as the talents are given more freedom to express themselves and interact with the crowd. Matches often feature fun-filled moments that would otherwise not be approved for a televised event.

Ripley recently faced Nia Jax at a live event in Springfield, and a clip of her giving the Samoan star Rikishi’s Stinkface ended up going viral on the internet within hours. The Judgment Day member is known for her strong social media presence and unsurprisingly milked the reactions to her unexpected move from the house show.

Dutch Mantell watched the video on his podcast and found it thoroughly entertaining.

“Now that is entertaining, I would say! I liked it!” said the former WWE manager. [From 54:54 to 55:00]Check out the video below:

Dutch Mantell has been in the wrestling wrestling business for a long time and, during his prime, was one of the hardest-hitting wrestlers in the ring.

When asked whether he would volunteer to take a Stinkface, Mantell admitted that he wouldn’t do it willingly, but would agree if the bosses requested him.

“I wouldn’t volunteer for it, but if they said, ‘Hey, do it.’ Okay, it’s just part of the job. But if Rikishi did it to me, I’d have a little taser, I’d pull it out, that’s what I’d do! I’d protect myself (laughs).”

Rhea Ripley’s Stinkface didn’t go down well with Becky Lynch

Women’s wrestling has evolved tremendously over the past decade as female performers have proven themselves by putting on matches and angles as compelling as their male counterparts.

Becky Lynch, one of the most influential figures of the women’s revolution, was among those who were not overly pleased with Rhea Ripley’s live event shenanigans.

During a recent interview, The Man believed that Ripley’s actions didn’t set a good example for young girls who probably aspire to become professional wrestlers.

Lynch said Ripley’s decision to do the Stinkface sent the wrong message and was counterproductive to women’s wrestling, which had moved on from a questionable past.

Rhea Ripley might have popped a large section of the fanbase with her Stinkface, but it seems like her WrestleMania 40 rival isn’t too happy.

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