Remarkable Discovery: Perfectly Preserved Mummy of Mysterious Ming Dynasty Woman Found in China After 700 Years

In a remarkable discovery, a mummy of a mysterious woman from the Ming Dynasty has been unearthed in Tai Zhou, Jiangsu Province, China, still perfectly preserved after 700 years. Particularly astonishing is the fact that even her willow-leaf-shaped eyebrows and black eyelashes remain intact.

Experts have warned of the risk of fungal “curse” infection from mummies on display in Mexico, while new data suggests that the specific environment where the mummy rests is crucial to its unbelievable preservation. This discovery not only raises questions about the reasons and processes of mummification but also provides valuable insights into the life and culture of that era.

Local police received information from road construction workers about a large stone coffin, which was then reported to authorities. When the coffin was opened, researchers from the Jiangsu Provincial Museum took several years to study and analyze the mummy along with accompanying artifacts and jewelry.


This discovery is not just a mystery of the past but also opens up new opportunities for understanding and exploration of ancient Chinese history and culture.

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