“Who Was Queen Tuya? Exploring the Legacy of Pharaoh Seti I’s Great Royal Wife and Mother of Ramses II”

Seti was the son of Pharaoh Ramses I and his Great Royal Wife, Queen Sitre, the first royal couple of the 19th Dynasty who had worked with the previous Pharaoh, Horemheb, to reunify Egypt after the politically and economically disasterous reign of Akhenaten and the tragically short reigns of Tutankhamun and Ay.

Crown Prince Seti was married to Tuya who was not from Royal Blood. She was the daughter of Raia and Ruyya. Raia was a highly ranked Military Leader within Egypt, holding the title Lieutenant of the Chariotry.

So, both their fathers were from a Military background and it could be conceived that Seti and Tuya may well have known each other when they were younger through their families.

The Queen outlived her husband and was a powerful force for her son when he took over the Throne. She lived until she was around 60 years old.

The couple had 4 children together:

Ramses, the future Pharaoh Ramses II,


Relief Offering showing Pharoah Seti I and Crown Prince Ramses making offerings of ducks or geese to the Gods

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